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One big goofy dog by JamJams

One big goofy dog


This is seriously one of my new top favorite photos taken of my suit. Heehee.

Myst © JamJams and my Myst fursuit was made by morefurless
Photo was taken and is © GroggyFox

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Visual / Photography


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    Your suit is one of my favorites by morefurless. so cute.

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      Really?!?! That means so much to me! ;n; <3

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        Really, really. I love their style and think your character rocks it. :3

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          They go above and beyond when it comes to how expressive their suits are!
          But glob, it means so much for you to say that especially with all the amazing MFL suits out there.

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            So true. And it shows.

            They have done a lot of suits. I have considered going to them for a suit some day. I hope you don't mind me asking but did you find the MoreFurLess artists easy to work with to get your suit? I'm kinda stuck on the two makers I really want my sona(s) From. MFL or SparkleKreations. I won't be ordering any time soon as I am finding it hard enough to save for a Kigu of my main sona Yoki Tremor the Kangaroo by lemonbrat.

            It's a long story to get into XD

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              I had a wonderful experience commissioning them, and would defiantly recommend them to anybody looking to commission a fursuit. ^^

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                Awesome, I'll definitely start looking into them more. Thank you!

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                  Look forward to seeing your suit in the future! ^^