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Changes: The good, the bad, the StarRunner

First thing I gotta say is... Blarrrrg! So much has happened. There's several bad things, but there are good things too. I don't want to bury everyone with a massive journal, so let me sum things up.

Negative: Was hit hard with Crohn's AND anemia. Yeah, found out I have another disease. Yay. So, I went on a medical leave of absence and took two terms of school off so I could recover.

Positive: Made about $900 for branding and making the logo for a construction company whom makes multi million dollar homes I'd expect movie stars to live in.

Negative: That money and more was spent on Jana's wisdom teeth extraction the next day. Every tooth had to be cut more than once to get out and two of them they had to cut into the jaw for.

Positive: Celebrated Chistmas with Chebits and her mom since neither of us had much for family around. Had a wonderful time!

Negative: Currently resorting to the local foodbank to feed us.

Positive: Great friends gave me about a dozen games via Steam this Christmas knowing I was dead broke!

Negative: No time to play them now since my leave of absence is over and back in school.

Positive: My animator friend who animates for My Little Pony agreed to teach me how to use Flash. He also said he'd love to use me as a voice actor if/when he successfully is able to pitch his own show.

Negative: His contract may be renewed for MLP since they have the go ahead for another season, so it may take awhile before he can pitch his show.

Positive: More MLP.

Negative: Had a migraine, followed by a seized up back, followed by nasty stomach stuff, followed by cold.

Positive: I'm the audio director for Smate Games, voice acting a few characters for the first game, directing the other voice actors, and making the sound effects. If the game takes off it may mean a career for me in the games industry.

Negative: -2.3

Positive: Was able to have a class with voice actress and coach Deb Munro whom was the one who is responsible for getting me a fantastic deal on my MXL-990 condensor microphone back in the day. She was also stoked to help me with what will be my animated voice acting tutorial. She loved my script and gave me her lines already! The animator is a little busy, but it's going to be epic when it's finished!

Double Positive: Thanks to that class, I figured out how I shall brand myself and my medley of talents! Going to look into making it something real official. Going to use some of the future assignments in school to prepare it.

So that's the news. go nuts!

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    Glad you're still around! Axeman is slowly continuing on the main Project Future site. It's hit peak violence, fortunately. (Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Heads You Lose)

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      Yeah, still around. I was the least active on here, but I'll gradually fix that.

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    Art! Good to see you uploading some of your work. I think you have reasons to be pleased! ;-)

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      Got more too, but I'm going to try to space them out. But yeah, I learned quite a bit!

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    I was following you and now you're following me? Were just going to end up going in cycles at this rate. : P
    Thanks. : D

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      Yay! Let's go in circles till we get dizzy! :B

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    Well, I watched you on FA a while ago, the whole DMFA thing... Clowned around on one of Nyil's livestreams... Otherwise I'm pretty low profile except for occasional compliments and setting up my fav artists for trades with each other, now and then.

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      Yeah, I did notice a few DMFA peeps in your watchlist and remembered you from FA. I just can't recall seeing you in the DMFA forums if you were there. But I really haven't been active as of late. XP