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Dragon, Red and Black (poem below) by Jake_silverwing

Dragon, Red and Black (poem below)


23 November 2012 at 00:12:03 MST

My dragon black and red

Though not mine anymore

We once were quiet enthralled

By each-other but no more.

There's nothing I'd love more

Than to give my heart to you

To open my soul freely

Our bond becoming true.

I can't give you diamonds

Or even petty gems

The only thing I hold to

Is that we can still be friends.

Years go by harshly

Like water crashing into stone

Our relation changing slowly

Into something warped, and cold.

But I look back and smile

At what you once said

That you'd love me no matter the form

My dragon black and red.

Just a sad little poem I whipped up thinking about my past...

Still gotta keep smiling though ^^ even if things didn't work out as I planned, and the one I'm reffering to in this poem will probably never be the wiser to it. Turned out to be a very successful person and I'm extremely proud of what they've accomplished and what they've yet to do.

Just keep smiling ^^ it's all I've got.

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