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[...] cards? cards??? by jakdacrowe

[...] cards? cards???


I was shuffling through my files, organizing and whatnot.
And found an old card layout.

Thinking that it was fun before, I redid the card layouts, saved it as a template and made a bunch of "crack" cards for fun.
I'm pretty sure they aren't usable in an actual card battle, but it was hilarious to do. c:

ATK is the base attack (1-5 DMG), added to your skills. ( 1D6 + ATK )
DEF is basically Health points. 1 X indicates 20 HP.
SPC is the number of times you can attack. ( mana? )
Resting a card for 1 Turn helps the card regain/regen 1 X to DEF and SPC, up to card's max.
( should a skill cut all DEF, the card isn't dead. HP is reduced to 1. )
Combo Skills are active the moment two (or more) cards with the same Combo Skill name are on the field.
Summons will continuously attack a random enemy until the 5th Turn or when it's been defeated.
Summons automatically WALL for their summoner.

Bellburn's passive requires a 1D6 roll every time she's present on field. Landing a 2 or a 6 actives a DISTRACTION that will always hit.
Scarborough's passive only works if he has used Unsettling Risk, allowing 2x DEF regen for 1 Turn if the card rests within 3 Turns.

ENRAGE - 2x ATK Buff (can stack)
DISTRACTION - Enemies must roll an extra 1D6 with their skill. Landing a 2, 4 or 6 will cause the enemy to do nothing. (can't stack)
INTIMIDATE - Enemies must roll an extra 1D4 with their skill. Landing a 1 or 2 will cause the enemy to do nothing. (can't stack)
FEAR - 1/2 ATK Debuff (can stack)
WALL - Takes DMG for a specified card
SICK BURN - 5 DMG per turn (can stack)

Braeburns, Bellburn, Scarborough, Josiah, Monty and Jak are Mine.
Balkanes, Charows, Remudies and Rascallet species belong to

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