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- by Jagal (critique requested)

- (critique requested)


Left it without title as it seems to be a piece too deep/important/sth for my silly ideas -

An oil painting for wonderful  Simbaji, the one which took me forever - another piece I am kind of thankful for. I mean - it was great to work with Simba again, as he is a really, really kind and patient person to work with. It is great to have a chance to make his ideas come to life. I tried to do it as good as I can and I hope it is not that bad!

The piece was done some time ago, but I had to wait for it to dry. The original cadre is a bit different, but I had to combine 4 scans to create this reproduction making it a faithful copy was a bit complicated.

Now I can't wait to finish warnishing it and shipping the original to Simba. Hope you'll like it! Thank you so much again.

As for my inactivity - I'm pretty sorry about it, I didn't even have a chance to turn my computer on these days. Good I felt bad enough to stay at home today, so I could submit this piece here, haha. :''') and have 12 hours of sleep instead of 4, that's kind of nice as well. So I'm not even going to start "sorries" and excuses - I'm terribly unactive, I'm aware of it and I'm really sorry about it. Believe me.

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