CR Concept art - Mage/Wizard by Jade Moontail

CR Concept art - Mage/Wizard

Jade Moontail

10 June 2014 at 02:25:52 MDT

First in a series of concept art of the classes in Changing Realms

This time its me

Here is what it says on the paper if you cant read my terrible hand writing


A general practitioner of magic and potion craft. They do not specialize in any one school of magic having chosen all forms of magic and their proper use. Highly intelligent and, at times, full of wisdom these magic users seek to understand the arcane and use it to its fullest be it for good or evil. While most choose to study in small towns and cities as they run their own little shops and use their knowledge for others benefit some go on adventures to learn by doing and not just from study

Higher magic, intelligence and wisdom at start

Boost to soul point generation (faster TF)"

These outfit designs are not set in stone and may change if the final version

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