CR Concept art: My Mages outfit by Jade Moontail

CR Concept art: My Mages outfit

Jade Moontail

5 January 2014 at 02:07:05 MST

I realized I needed a design for the outfit I would be wearing on the Changing Realms (My Role Playing game, more info on my FA) images I am going to get once I saved enough for it, so here it is, its supposed to be a dress that shows off the cleavage and a hooded cloak, hopefully I am better at describing it than drawing it when the time comes ^.=.^

Also I kind of imagine myself doing this in this outfit

Here is a little information I have made up for this outfit
Outift facts:
Name: Mage Robes
Class Restriction: Can only be used by magic based classes
Armor Rating: Light
Special attributes: It can mend itself from any damage given to it, if damage is caused by transformation the robes will alter themselves to fit what changes happened. Mages robes can also alter to fit what the wearer wants them to look like.

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