A Knight's Seduction by Jadedman

Inside the Dimension Mirror, three shadowy figures were looking at what was going on in the Light World. It was now daybreak in Floralia, and Kirby was seen resting peacefully with Queen Sectonia, whose hands were gently hugging the little fluff's body. Kirby, meanwhile, The three shadowy figures were Kirby's Mirror World counterpart, the shadow reflection of King Dedede, and the unsavory doppelganger of the famed Meta Knight.

"Well, looks like the queen's found love. And of all people, it's Kirby." Said the shadowed king to Dark Meta Knight. "Although Floralia's pretty much still under her rule, at least the day's ours. Right?" The doppelganger of the knight shifted his eyes underneath his mask.

"Well, that is just...beautiful." Dark Meta Knight grumbled. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to... Erm..." The dark knight shifted the mirror's surface, showing the very same balcony area, albeit empty; Dark Meta Knight spread his wings. "Farewell." With no more words, Dark Meta Knight stepped through the mirror and proceeded to fly away. Shadow Dedede shrugged. "Oh boy, there he goes again." Muttered the shadow clone of the king. Shadow Kirby sighed, only wondering what would be going through the mind of the evil doppelganger of the famed knight. The silhouette of a feminine wasp-like figure, identical to Queen Sectonia herself, appeared behind the two shadow doubles; her eyes began to glow, just as the mirror's surface proceeded to show the famed knight himself, Meta Knight.

"I see this dashing knight has not visited Mirror World in a decade." Said the doppelganger of the queen, emerging from the shadows. "Let's fix that, shall we?"

Meanwhile, in the light world, Dark Meta Knight was flying away from Floralia. "Alright, I believe I have earned my vacation from Popstar." Thought the dark knight. "May as well head to Halcandra. Not many go there, since there is barely any signs of life there. Not to mention, that four-headed dragon." The dark knight continued to fly away. Little did Dark Meta Knight know, or care as the case may be, Meta Knight was down below, witnessing his dark doppelganger escape, much to the former's chagrin.

"I'll deal with my other self some other time, I must find Kirby." Thought the knight, heading towards the castle of the Ruler of the Heavens. Not too long after entering that same balcony his doppelganger fled, he looked all about. It was all too quiet. Not a soul was within sight, but the Dimension Mirror appeared behind him. "What?" The knight began to approach the mirror. At first, he saw only his reflection on the mirror's surface. He was aware of his doppelganger having left...but he was not ready for the silhouette of the wasp queen's mirror equivalent, herself, on the other side of the surface; all of a sudden, his eyes began to feel heavy. The queen's double had her silver scepter raised, mesmerizing the knight. "Oh no! Not this...again! The last thing Meta Knight saw before he lost consciousness was the silhouette approaching him, along with two pink-gloved hands reaching for him.

Groaning quietly, Meta Knight slowly woke up; his eyes were still blurry. "Ay yi yi, what is-" The knight shook his head, finding himself inside a sumptuously-decorated bedroom, much like that of the wasp queen. "You have got to be joking." Grumbled the knight, realizing that his mask was off. "If this is..." He was cut off by the two pink-gloved hands fondling him, and feminine giggling. He looked up steadily, seeing Sectonia DX, leering at him seductively. "Hello there." The queen's double whispered, nuzzling the knight a little too intimately for his liking. The knight began to wriggle a little. "Ngh... A little...too passionate, aren't you?" Meta Knight asked, quickly getting a deep, passionate kiss from the queen's doppelganger in response. The knight felt Sectonia DX's tongue sliding against his own, shuddering a little as such a kiss began to leave him frozen. Sensual moans came from the mirrored queen as she held the kiss. Several seconds later, she released the kiss.

"No need to struggle, Sir Knight." Sectonia DX cooed, still caressing the dumbstruck knight. "Let the passion flow through you. It is...far more effective than beauty and control." The cheeks of the fabled knight began to blush heavily as he began thinking to himself.

"If anyone on Popstar asks about this I swear I'll-mmph..."

Meta Knight received a second passionate kiss, tasting something on the mirrored queen's tongue: The magic of a Cupie's arrow. The knight began feeling a warmth creep through his body as Sectonia DX continued snogging him; she released the knight's lips once again, before the knight slowly let his eyes close. "Might as well lie back and think of...my duel with Galacta Knight." He thought, letting out a pleased sigh as he received another passionate French kiss from the queen's amorous doppelganger. Time seemingly stood still for the knight and the queen's copy, as the two continued their long period of romantic intimacy.

Sitting all alone somewhere in Halcandra, it was dark outside. Dark Meta Knight pondered to himself as he had a campfire going. "Good to see I wasn't followed, now to just wait out this whole mess." The evil clone of Meta Knight muttered, summoning the Dimension Mirror to check on Meta Knight's position. "If this turns out to be another one of those..." He rolled his eyes upon seeing Sectonia DX making out with a thoroughly-entranced Meta Knight. He dismissed the mirror not too long afterwards. "Well, she's his problem now." The dark clone of the knight soon looked to the skies, thinking to himself.

"Fighting Galacta Knight would be a lot better than the Floralia Debacle. Question is...where is he?"

A Knight's Seduction


24 March 2015 at 11:34:46 MDT

A follow-up to "Seduction of a Hero" in which Meta Knight tries going to look for Kirby. His dark counterpart quietly leaves Floralia, taking an unofficial vacation.

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