Seduction of a Hero by Jadedman

It was the dead of night in Dreamland, and even as a massive beanstalk very steadily began to grow, not a soul would be awake. Caught up in the growth was not only Castle Dedede, but the small dome-like house belonging to the Hero of Popstar as well. Inside that single-room house, Kirby slept through the rising of the beanstalk as it carried his house further and further upwards. Little did Kirby himself know, a pink glyph appeared above him; it bore a heart motif shortly before it transformed into a pink vortex. A feminie voice whispered to him as he slumbered.

"Found you, O' hero of the lower world. The People of the Sky may have sent for you, but I had I saw right through their desperate attempt at gaining their freedom. By the end of the day, beauty is control. And with my divine beauty, like all of Floralia, it is you I will control."

Still asleep, Kirby was pulled into the vortex rather quietly before it closed behind him.

The little fluff ball was still asleep, even after he was taken into the balcony of the castle. He was held aloft by two gloved hands; at first, those two hands, along with a pair of pink glowing eyes, were the only things visible. The silhouette of the royal wasp queen, Sectonia, leered at the Hero of Dreamland as she was now eye level with him. She emerged from the shadows as the moonlight shined on her.

"Now that you are in my grasp, lower world dweller..." Whispered the queen, just as Kirby slowly began to wake up. "You shall be the first of your world to have a taste of my divine beauty." Before the little hero was even ready, the queen planted a passionate kiss on the lips of the little fluff. Kirby's eyes shot wide open as the kiss left him rather numb; Sectonia moaned pleasantly as she felt a sensual energy creep itself into her very being. The queen's cheeks turned rosy, the whites in her violet eyes turned a few shades pink, as if she was feeling something taking over her. The little puffball's mind was swirling with emotions; mostly awe and confusion. He remembered the time Necrodeus actually tried to, and nearly succeeded at, killing him right from the beginning; the corpse god's attempt wasn't what all the other great evils that threatened Popstar tried, not even the likes of Dark Matter made itself known unless it was pressed. Although the queen seducing him instead of killing him was quite a surprise, he still felt a little nervous. Winning the affections of a queen, who was quite powerful in her own right, caused his heart to pound. The queen's kiss was nothing like those that a certain large-lipped creature from the Mirror World would give him. Kirby's mind began to blur as Sectonia released his lips, just as she began hugging him up against her chest.

The queen's mind began to feel hazy, as if she was feeling something taking control over her, and yet, not completely so. She tenderly caressed Kirby, who had fainted from the overwhelming nature of the affections of a powerful-yet-beautiful monarch. Sectonia chuckled softly; in spite of the ease that she captured the little fluff herself, she saw a great amount of satisfaction in having done so. However, something else began to well up in her mind. She looked at the passed-out hero of the stars, her hands feeling his body. "Oh my, your squishy body, soft and yet so firm..." The queen murmured, giving a peck on one of Kirby's cheeks. "For a hero of the lower world, I cannot deny how...adorable you are." With a glyph, she took Kirby and warped away.

Kirby woke up once again, rubbing his eyes. "Poyo...?" He cried, looking all around him. He found himself in the large, sumptuous bedchamber of the self-proclaimed Ruler of the Heavens. Outside its windows, the moonlit sky appeared to have turned violet, which confused him. He soon felt those two same gloved hands from earlier, alerting him to the queen's presence; she was right on top of him, and she clearly had that come-hither look in her eyes. Kirby went wide-eyed in fear as Sectonia began nuzzling him, in a manner a little too intimate for his liking as her hands cuddled with him. "Poy!" Try as he may, Kirby was not able to pry himself from the queen's passionate grasp, eliciting a soft giggle from her. "No need to struggle, my precious little Hero of the Lower World." The queen cooed, giving another passionate kiss on the little fluff's lips, which left his lips just as quickly. "Floralia, Dreamland, all should be honored to serve a boundless beauty such as myself. With you, as my king, of course."

Poor little Kirby's mind was feeling hazy as the queen continued to fondly nuzzle him. His cheeks turning rosy, the little fluff let his eyes slowly close as the attention to his body began relaxing him. "Much better. Now, lie back and think of...the future of Floralia. And Dreamland." The queen moaned, planting one more kiss on his lips. "Imagine our little heirs..." The next thing Sectonia felt was the little fluff gently hugging her with both of his stubby little arms. The last thing Kirby would see before he drifted off to sleep once again, was the queen gently pulling him underneath the bedsheets.

Seduction of a Hero


23 March 2015 at 19:06:58 MDT

Another what-if story, as in what would possibly happen if Sectonia decided to get the drop on Kirby. She gets smitten with him, so to speak.

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