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Ly'ro and Hildir by jackywind (critique requested)

Ly'ro and Hildir (critique requested)


"Ly'ro Sitani, Son of the guildmaster of the Skyrim division of the Thieves guild, began his official work within the guild at the age of nineteen, and was tasked to deliver a package to an argonian doyen, named Walks-in-Shadows from his former home in Solitude. He traveled to Riften by carriage and on his way there, was bothered by a woman. A nordic skooma-addict by the name of Hildir, he eventually learned and decided to buy a potion for her at a nearby market to cure her of her addiction quickly. Hildir had no idea how to thank him, for she was disowned from her parents and was homeless, but she did mention to Ly'ro that she had talents in creating scrolls with magical inks. That being said, Ly'ro 'claimed' Hildir as her follower and they've been together since."

That was a brief summary of the first and second chapters of my Elder Scrolls fan-fiction. Of course, I'm like... almost done with the entire story now XD I just thought I would do drawings of it now. I'm really happy that this came out so nicely. The background was originally supposed to be just a plain as day thing, but then I did the shading and I was like "Well, why the hell not?"

Elder scrolls belongs to Bethesda, and everything else is MINE

and the shameless plug for my Story is here!

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