Incoming! by Jackrow



22 March 2015 at 08:33:52 MDT

-Boogey spotted us. Commence flanking air-support!


Macro have never been tried out under my talons, but one day Fox Amoore asked me if I fancy for a Collaboration. Why not! I was more than happy for the idea, but what followed afterwards just rooted me quite a bit as I have had nothing done in my life ever so far, and in such depth of details. "-Let's do it!" - I said, and after hours of efforts, I came up with this wonder. I've left quite a bit of hints about it over my twitter, and bam, not even 5 minute was spent, but the coming-soon poster found the owner of the main character starring on this picture quite fast!

I am honestly impressed how far I pulled my skills with this one. I've learned quite a bit with this piece, and gave me a great chance to do a collaboration with Fox Amoore. He passed me a work in progress of what he was about to come up with this idea, and it helped me a lot to nail this moment in my head I just put together! Once again, he knew how to ride my mood for an illustration! =)

You can listen to the Original soundtrack of the picture related, HERE
Oh who's that in the background? Let's see... takes binoculars A pair of reindeer antler with a canine head... Is it just me, or did Jäger decide to join Rogue's party now?

Rogue © rogue
Jäger © nevermint
Theme composed by foxamoore
Artwork done by jackrow

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    Oshi- rogue lvld up... XD

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    See, I've never been much for macro. But I'll make an exception for epic-terrifying-Godzilla macro. Thanks for sharing it with us lowly peasants!

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    Now you just made him Angry..

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      Exactly! you'd better be running now... if you can. D:

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    Oh well, at least the people down below get a nice view before they are stomped on :D