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I'm a simple art student quite busy, who wants to share its works. Enjoyed your viewing and do not hesitate to make any comment or critic.
You may call me Jack. Furry since I'm 13. More a fantasy artist than furry. I am not a very talkative one at first,

I can be very impressed by people. But do not stop at that.

I'm a frenchfur, agnotisc and introvert. I'm fond of bats and nagas.

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Jack Norisk

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I'm leaving

on 6 May 2015 at 18:30:47 MDT

Hello everyone !

I don't know how to begin this journal, even if I know of what I'll talk. So, let's be direct : I'm leaving. I'm leaving furaffinity, weasyl and inkbunny (why is your head like this after read this last name ?). To be honest, I'm done with the furry community. It was a big great experiment, but now I just want to do something else, meet other kind of people and other community. I'm not saying that the furry community is wrong. I just don't need it anymore as I needed when I was younger. It helps me a lot, really, but no more now.

What about friends ?
I won't stop talking to the friends I've made here or elsewhere that could be fur'. And I'll let my contact there to anybody who wants to sympathize. And also I'll always do anthro art. But maybe not in the same way and not as much as I was used to. I need to experiment more, to do something else. But, "In which way the furry community is stopping you to do that ?" In none. But you know, we all need sometimes to turn a new page of our story. And that what I want.

If you know me, you know that this is not my best time. I have many problems that sucks all of my energy and thoughts. I'm realizing that this is the case of many of you, and that we really require some fresh air and help. Here's my way to clean my head and think better. I want to focalise on things that are really important to me, so I'm concentrating all my mind in one way.

Unfortunately, I'm realizing too that I'm changing in a way that won't please to some people. Because if you have already experiment this kind of situation and have enough of everything, then, then you know that the best solution is to act as we always wanted. And it means less compromise, more frankness. If you're not prepared to that, well, I'm sorry, honestly, to say that I won't care and walk by.

What about commissions and art ?
I have still commissions to do and I'll do them. I won't refuse anybody, even if they're from the furry community, if there someone interest by what I'm doing. You'll just need to use my e-mail to know my drawing process and contact me. Even if I'll stay here a bit to clean all messages that will appear in this period of relocation. Also, I won't remove my art I had post on those websites.

If you have a deviantart, maybe you'll be happy to know that I'll continu to post there. Here is the link

Otherwise, I'm leaving to a tumblr :
I have a lot of things to do before this tumblr will be on, but you'll have the link until that happens.
(Also, my facebook and twitter

I don't even know how many people will read this. I know that I don't have much visibility on this website. But anyway, I have explain my reasons. If there's is more questions, I'll answer. And if my english is really hard to read, well sorry, frenchgirl incoming.

It was awesome, hope the awesomeness will continu for you.


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    youre welcome, and I love the art Im seeing

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    Love your stuff! Also love to see a bat character anywhere.

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    You're welcome! Your art and characters are really lovely!

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    Oh I love your art! Thank you for watching me. <3

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      Thank you for the watch back ! :3

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    Thank you for watching! I appreciate it! =3

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      You're already welcome ! :3

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    Thank you for the follow!