Upcoming: Artwatcher 0.90 by JackMcslay

Upcoming: Artwatcher 0.90


25 May 2015 at 01:46:25 MDT

Now for an update with what's been keeping me busy.

The last version was a stop-gap as It would have proven difficult to implement further features so I had to make a major overhaul to the code, hence why a new version has been taking this long. 0.90 is shaping up to what I'll consider to be version 1.0, hence the large leap in version number.

0.90 should feature:

  • Whole new interface, which includes single-step submission interface
  • Delayed submissions: Saves the submissions to submit them later (avoids problems having to submit it again if one site fails)
  • Unified messages: Artwork and journals now put together on feed, all sorts of comments, favorites, shares ond other types now put under notifications
  • Split identification sounds: Features different notification sounds according to notification type, each notification type can be configured to adjust volume and how many messages to accumulate before it's triggered
  • Support for Weasyl, Inkbunny, Sofurry, Furaffinity and Tumblr. Sites that didn't have mature support will return before version 1.0 with full support.
  • Stream announcements: Announce your stream from Artwatcher
  • RSS reader
  • Auto keywords: Enter keywords that will be automatically added to submissions on each account every time you submit

Goals for 1.0:

  • Filtering: This will supplant the previous separate notification pages, allowing to filter by type of notification, date or source.
  • Blacklisting/Whitelisting: Allows to bypass the filtering for individual users so that trusted users can have their content appear while untrusted users don't
  • Support for Weasyl, Inkbunny, Sofurry, Furaffinity, Tumblr, Deviantart, Wysp, Patreon, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Pixiv. Drawcrowd may return later due to technical reasons.
  • Basic statistics keeping
  • Scheduling submissions
  • User linking: Allows linking to an user while automatically adjusting the description on each submission to match the user on the respective site
  • Watermarking/signing tool
  • Thumbnailer/cropper tool
  • Individual submission editing: allows to adjust the description of the submission on each individual site it will be posted on.
  • Navigation: Tags to navigate series of submissions, with next/previous/first/last links

And I'm giving Patreon another try - http://patreon.com/jackmcslay please consider sponsoring the developing of my applications if you like them.

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    you should upload some screenshots to the site.. or that 0.9 version, as the current one is 0.4.2
    I was thinking about doing something like this (just only for sites that have an usable API, I grew way too many grey hairs in the past because damn FA and dA keep updating their source in small enough ways that it screws you over all the time) and wanted to see if your art watcher was doing what I intended to do - but there are no screenshots of, say, the uploading form and when I wanted to try it out, I got errors (xml error: no element found on http://localhost:8080/submit)
    (by the way, running on a often used port like 8080 is kinda a bad idea, that's such a standard testing port and you don't expect something like this to run a webserver.. and I hat to shut it down using the system monitor)

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      ok, searching a bit, I found the other site. the link on the website still goes to patreon, btw.
      still can't test it, though. Add/change account displayed no entry and clicking on the binoculars that help said added accounts did nothing.
      and closing the window did not shut it down.

      btw, it's compiled with java 8.. if you do not actually use java 8-only features, I'd compile it with java 7, as on linux, there's actually no java 8 being installable through the packet manager, no openjdk, nothing. I had to download it from oracle and manually set it up, which I doubt normal users would be able to.