Jackie Shows Her True Colours (aka, SQUEE!) by JackieParker (critique requested)

Jackie Shows Her True Colours (aka, SQUEE!) (critique requested)


14 December 2013 at 05:34:37 MST

Originally posted on FA as "WELL, This Isn't Like Her!", October 16th 2013.

Jackie is a bit of a "mean girl", or at least she tries to keep that demeanor up for those she doesn't know so she looks cool. But yeah, she's usually intimidating and moody and it would be lying to say she hasn't ended up in situations where she let this side get to her so much, she smooshed people who've made fun of her so much she injures them...but really, if you get on her good side, she's just a weird, giddy girl who's just into such gothy things because she has a profound love for them and she CAN be friendly if you're nice enough to her...but she saves that side of her to those she knows closely, usually she's still a "mean girl" to most...but every once in a while, she'll see something she geeks out over and no matter who's looking at her, she reacts like this. Whoopsy daisy!

I made this while trying to get into the swing of drawing her more, so I did a ton of scribbles and i liked this scribble so much, I decided to colour it in and post it as its own pic. Enjoy!

~ Character and art by me, though Samael deserves some credit with shaping her character design too! ~

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