Aardwhimsical! by JackieParker (critique requested)

Aardwhimsical! (critique requested)


21 December 2016 at 14:19:04 MST

For Khato Khato, as a way belated birthday gift 'cause he's great. :D (Belated just because its December and I get kinda tugged-and-plugged in lots of directions 'cause, y'know, the holidays)

I hadn't done shading in a while but then I decided to experiment a bit 'cause I knew the pic I had in mind would proberbly need it somehow and it ended up being the best shot at shading I've done in a very, very long time. Actually REALLY happy with how this came out. :D Pal is such a lovely character and I'd gladly draw him again. Many times. Khato's characters have that effect onf me.

Also, I just managed to get this saved as a PNG before my art programme crashed so its a miracle I can get shown off but as I put a lot of effort into this by the end, yeah, I'm happy this survived. :3

First uploaded to Weasyl (Tumblr's down!). December 2016. Also, streaming in about 15-30 minutes~ --> https://picarto.tv/JackieParkerDraws