Gee Robby, how come your Mom lets you have 5 Moms? by JackieParker

Gee Robby, how come your Mom lets you have 5 Moms?


22 November 2016 at 20:36:32 MST

Man, was that title hard to decide upon. Lots of ideas but figured this was the best one. x3

Anyway, belated birthday pic for the wonderful, amazing Samael Samael. He created a lot of skunkmoms over the year so I figured, get a good bunch of them in a pic together so they can spoil Robby for her birthday or whatever. :3

This, for a change, isn't a continuation on a different pic made last year for Sam's birthday but there's a few similarities. These similarities I didn't discover until later so they're not a massive deal to me but whatever, hope it still turned out alright~ Was fun to work on, even if it took a little longer than expected!

Love ya, Sam. <3333

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    thank you so dang much, you put so much gosh darn effort into this ;;

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      You are super-duper welcome, hon! I enjoyed working on this, even if it was very ambitious for me and I'm even happier to see ya enjoy it so much. :3

      Always a pleasure to give ya things that make ya feel good, hon. <3333