"The sunshine is so nice...and the air is so fresh!" by JackieParker (critique requested)

"The sunshine is so nice...and the air is so fresh!" (critique requested)


2 May 2016 at 11:41:36 MDT

"I really feel alive!"

OK, so I quoted a different Undertale character, but I feel this is appropriate.

This is a special giftpic I made for Samael Samael fairly recently while he was going through a lot of stress and anxiety. I wanted this to share some sort of context with "Undertale", to which Sam appears in the game as So Sorry as a reward for him donating a substantial amount of money to the game's Kickstarter, so I was originally gonna draw Sam as So Sorry with a pen and a sketchpad but I felt...well...this time? He should be free to be in the human world now.

I'd explain a lot more about why I felt compelled to make this, but it would be too long to talk about here so check the Tumblr link if you want to find out. Things're getting better for Sam now, fortunately, but I still had to draw this anyway. <3

Originally posted on 21st April 2016, on Tumblr --> http://whatactuallyeven.tumblr.com/post/143239664067/for-samael-because-he-truly-deserved-something