Sissy Yena by Jackie

Sissy Yena


2 November 2012 at 16:48:24 MDT

Uh oh! Seems you've walked in on Jackie after he was done getting himself all girlied up! Oh well, he doesn't seem to upset by your presence, a bit bashful and shy maybe but that's just in his nature. ;3

Truth be told, the overall design for the outfit wasn't my own. It's actually from the virtual chat program known as 'IMVU'. Considering it was my favorite outfit on there, I just had to get a picture of it done. x3 Of course the best artist I had in mind for adorable dresses was, hands-down, kiirei. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

In fact I was quite blown away, she did a fantastic on the pose and Jackie's expression, and of course what's not to love about those big brown eyes, drooping ears, and fluffy tail? <3

Jackie belongs to me.

Artwork by the amazing kiirei

Comments welcome! <3