HardWork - (OFFICIAL RELEASING) by Jackburned



8 June 2016 at 15:50:52 MDT

Allow me to introduce you the official release of my first chapter!
As you can see, you may read it here or click via this link for a more regular reading.


(I will make a post later if any of you are interested of purchasing my comic on paper version :3 )

Plot of the story:
The story takes place in a quiet town in the state of Oregon, Corvallis, ‘heart of the valley’. Eugene, a 19-year-old undergraduate studies writing in college of liberal arts at ASU, Amphorys State University. He had to leave his hometown at Portland because of religious issues with his father.
He now lives with his half-brother Will, a 29-year-old young history teacher working at the same university Eugene goes.
The two brothers lived painful past each confronted to the same issue : homosexuality. They now have to face the present and forget about the past together.

Now, the synopsis of this chapter:
It is Friday afternoon after the two brothers spent a tiresome week on the campus. While Will is on his way home, Eugene is ordering pizzas for both of them. But, the pizza deliverer's face seems quite familiar to Eugene, causing a condition where the deliverer and someone very important to Eugene look the same, causing Eugene to panic. He has to speak to Will about it, the only one he can trust about his private life.

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