Collie Pup Looking for a Home! by Jacek

Collie Pup Looking for a Home!


17 June 2014 at 14:34:33 MDT

----You can have this suit as a partial ready and shipped for AnthroCon this year!----

Here we have a very lovable Boarder Collie fursuit that is looking for a new home to bounce around and play at! He has very floppy fun ears and a charming grin to go with his playful personality! Asking only $900 for a partial suit, or $1300 for a fullsuit!

This suit features:

  • Completely hand sewn head, every bit other than around the mouth, nose, and eyes is hand sewn together with no open seams.

  • Head will fit up to 25" comfortably.

  • Large toony canine nose by DVC

  • Resin teeth by Blixfox

  • Excellent Vision through the eyes and fantastic ventilation through the mouth.

  • Cute plush and pokeable hand sewn and stuffed tongue.

I'd really love to make this into a fullsuit, but I can also make it into a partial! Please message me if you're interested and make me an offer! Give this cute puppy a new home! You can also send me an e-mail at bluedagron[at]gmail[dot]com

Note: Head base was originally carved by victoria10717 on FA and heavily modified by myself.

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