Saber-tooth, now with more paws! For Sale! by Jacek

Saber-tooth, now with more paws! For Sale!


27 March 2014 at 15:56:47 MDT

Made some adorable puffy paws to go with this suit! As you can see, the saber seems quite happy about its new found ability to paw at things and be cute! I think the only thing that may make it happier would be finding a new home!

This suit with all of its personality and punky mohawk styled hair is still open for offers and would really love to be a full suit! It would even be ready to go romp around AnthroCon this year! So if you're interested, shoot me a message and we can chat about the details! I really want to make this into a full fursuit with digi grade padding, and it would be finished in one months time! You'd get your choice of indoor feetpaws with paw pads, or outdoor paws! Come on, that plushy nose and those puffy paw pads aren't going to poke themselves!

sushinomsuits - Jacek

Also! Extra points to whoever can name what hoodie and what shirt I am wearing =3 I don't know what the points are for...but you might get something cool!

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