Let's Dance With Flair by Izzyhime

Let's Dance With Flair


15 February 2013 at 13:57:21 MST

"One more time Izzy, you've got to hit the target straight on, you keep hitting more on the left!" Azrael called out from the other side, critiquing her aiming skills.

"Yeah Izzy! What are you doing, taking a nap?" KD taunted.

I growled, taking careful aim before letting loose an ice arrow at my target. KD.

"Ow!!! Watch where your aiming!"

"Oh, I got what I was aiming for," I called out cheerfully, giggling as Azrael tugged at the ice shards from KD's clothing.

He sighed, looking at us both with sad dissappointment. Guilt made the fun feel wrong, an unfortunate sideaffect whenever we were forced to train. I jogged over to their side, helping them both.

"You both have to learn how to work together!" Azrael scolded us. "You think the enemy is going to wait around for you two to argue and fight with each other?"

KD scowled, glaring at me angrily. "Well, I could do it by myself, but I'm being weighed down by her! She never tries, its just all fun and games all the time! Why can't you take anything seriously?"

"Me!! And how about you, you never have any fun ever! Not everything is supposed to be boring and stiff! Some hero you are, you just care about yourself! If it wasn't for me, all of those people would find out what you really are and people will get distressed and it would be total chaos. You would never be free to be boring or whatever you do in your spare time! You'd be someone's experiment, probably ending up dead or in a cage for the rest of your life!"

Azrael pushed us apart, gripping KD's shoulder tightly as a warning before he did anything rash. Giving me a frosty glare, he proceeded to walk off to a more secluded area. KD sulked and watched him, while I followed him to an abandoned place of the Earth Casters' garden training area.

"In order to be in sync with each other's goals, you first must act as one. Like dance partners, you have to move together in unison, instead of doing something all on your own."

"Oh I get it," I spoke up. "We just have to dance in order to get better at working together!"

"Er...that's not what I meant, Izzy--"

But it was already too late.

Oh,those two. I think Azrael needs lots and lots of medicine. That, or just a break from their arguing

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