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22 February 2013 at 04:48:53 MST

I remember the elders of the Crescent colony, the ones that told stories during the coldfrost. They spoke of strange lights the upwalkers, the fire that glowed without the heat of their breath, without the elemental power of the dragon. They warned us to stay away, that Ependa was becoming more dangerous by the centuries, the human upwalkers seemed determined to destroy the wild beauty of Ependa. They detached themselves after the first sign of greenlife, seeking their colony, and thanking our own for inviting them to join our shelter. Mother did not like the stories they told, but I think it was because she was frightened of them. Not much frightens dragons, but when there is, it is our impulse to seek it, to test it, and perhaps destroy it. The other adult dragons were restless after that, trying to look after the younger ones that seemed eager to find the never-ending fire lights.

I too, wanted my own glimpse of the fire lights, but Mother was persistant as the rest of the older dragons, and she too pressured me into staying in the inner circle so she could keep an eye on me. But on a particuarly noisy day, we crossed paths with the Vultureclaw colony, and I managed to hide from the severe stares of our own elders, and especially Mother. I flew in a direction I knew to be south, where Hooper swore he saw flicking lights in the distance. Sure enough, there was a large cliff overlooking a small groupings of dark rectangular rocks as tall as boulders. They were strange shapes, but I assumed they were the dwelling places of the upwalkers. The sun's last dying rays had finally gone behind the horizon, and then, something miraculous happened.

It was like seeing a thousand captured fireflies, all shining brightly in one huge area. It was the fire-lights! The magic the human upwalkers had created all on their own! A small smile formed, unable to contain the elation. I stayed there for quite some time, just gazing at the collection of dwellings with astonishment.

When I finally went home, Mother was furious.

"Quintilian!" she growled, smoking coming from her nostrils. She must have really been mad.

But I could only smile, and utter the words that would change our kinds lives forever.

"I have seen the fire-lights!"

I remember these days, when I wrote almost something for every entry, but I felt it was unappreciated so I just stopped. Quintilian was one of those one time used characters but I like how this turned out.

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