Travel Postcards: Alaska Edition by Ishaway

Travel Postcards: Alaska Edition


22 May 2018 at 11:22:53 MDT

(Not really Yukon, but I love yelling that)
SO Family vacation is happening. We are going to Alaska.

I am super excited. It is my mum's last state (of 50) and we are going to explore (a piece) of the great north! Exact locations are still being hammered out, but I do know we will be hitting Juneau, Anchorage, and (hopefully) Victoria Island!
I am looking forward to seeing whales, locals, vistas, and my beloved family. I will be sketching and journaling the trip, as well as photographing things I see.

Doing more research it appears actual internet/cell access will be little to none. As a result I am planning on posting any updates I to Twitter (@ishaway). It is a low impact program that seems to work almost anywhere. During my Redwood Adventure in January Twitter legit worked in some places in Humbold that my cell service would not.
I will be hauling watercolor supplies up there with me to capture the beauty of Alaska (and document silly doodles as I go)

I am also offering Travel Postcard commissions, because they are fun and who doesn't like getting postcards from weird places?! Different levels get different stuff; basically either Touristy (I draw in the notes section and you get preprinted art) or Painted (I do a prompt painting and doodle).
I am offering Patreons a three day lead on requesting a Travel Postcard commission! Just follow the link below and answer some questions!

Travel Postcard Form!

I am excited to share the results of this trip with you all when I get back (and hopefully before Anthro Con).

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