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Felinqua being Felinqua by iseeyouthere

Felinqua being Felinqua


Although it depends on their personality, a lot of felinqua love scavenging sunken ships for items from the surface.

Things like cloth, bottles, rope, plates, stuff that can survive underwater for long periods of time and are of practical use are snatched up first to be used around their settlements.

The next thing to be taken is 'shiny' objects. These range from coins, jewellery, keys, even forks and cogs. From these, the felinqua make jewellery or other decorations.

Lastly, the remains of the ship are picked of "useless" items. "Useless" items are things which the felinqua can not use and are simply taken by the most curious of them, who often find a fascination with the objects despite not always know what it is, what it does or how to use it.

In this picture, these two felinqua have discovered a recently sunken ship and are happily grabbing what they can before they report back to gather more scavengers. This allows them the best of the loot first before the others can get their webbed paws on them.

Ny'rah (right) belongs to naira
Mahla (left) belongs to me

Art belongs to Blondevelvet:

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