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Luana's pets by IsaWolfFox

Luana's pets


Luana has four feral pets.

luana has a feral adult dog called Diora,Diora is a white and black dog with light blue ears.

Luana has a feral adult dog with natural colors that are orange, green and blue ears, this feral dog's name is Freni.

Luana has a teenage feral rabbit called Gunther.

Luana has a little feral blue kitten called Haley.

Diora, Freni, Haley and
Gunther are luana's pets that are an anthro hybrid of fox and wolf.

my characters began living underground along with those who fled the impact of a nuclear bomb explosion that caused a nuclear winter on the surface of the planet Sogaira.

The survivors who believed the warnings of a nuclear winter migrated to the 5 underground cities and 2 underground villages that still had no inhabitants in 2063.

Now the survivors are living in one of the subterranean continents of Sogaira.

Luana is the empress of the new and unique country called the Zaprana Empire in underground.

Luana is an empress who is very peaceful.

date: date: july 13, 2063.

July 13th is the date Luana and her family moved to the underground continent.

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