Dragon Den - Gwen and Isla by Iron-K

Dragon Den - Gwen and Isla


"...so, Gwen and Isla, you're going into the dragon den - come up here!"

To the sound of cheering, the presenter in the stained lab coat skipped backwards up the three steps to the game area of the dungeon-themed studio, holding his arms out to the two contestants on his right. The pink dragoness looked over her shoulder, sharing a grin with the blue lizard girl as they both stepped up to the device that had been set up behind them.

"Come on, I'm sure they can't wait to meet you..." The host spread his arms down at the round bowl-like cart in the center of the stage. It was a couple of yards across and its lip came up to hip height, lined with bubbly green foam props to make it look like dark and light green slime was spilling over the side. Inside, a ring of plastic cushioning formed a round seat, and the host walked around to take the girls' arms, helping them over the edge to seat themselves opposite each other.

"Okay, girls - you know the rules?" The presenter stepped back and looked between the two reptilians as he got a nod from each of them. "You're our winners this week, but we're going to give you a last bonus depending on how quickly you manage to get out of there. Once you're in the den, all you have to do is answer five questions correctly to get out - you'll be able to see how you're doing by the lanterns around you." The screens above the audience switched to a view of the area behind the back wall of the set, which was made up to look like a stony-walled cave with occasional slimy drips slithering down the walls and falling from the ceiling. The camera slowly panned around to show the five lanterns dangling from the walls. "But our dragons aren't going to be making it easy for you, because they're often not too keen on visitors..." As he said it, the camera tilted upwards, showing a cluster of large prop dragon heads mounted a few feet above, their open mouths or snouts aimed down towards the center of the cave.

The host smiled as he watched Gwen and Isla both glancing along the floor rail towards the sprayed polystyrene prop that looked like a cave entrance behind them. Across it, a network of spray string had been strung up to look like a huge spider's web.

"How are you feeling about going in there - a little nervous?" He grinned, then chuckled as Gwen bit her lip, wriggling with her hands clasped between her thighs. "I'm sure you're going to love them - let's send you in!"

He span round and grabbed the lever next to him, wrenching it backwards with both hands. To the sound of lightning from above the stage, the cart jolted as it started moving backwards, and both girls jumped as it began spinning slowly.

Isla looked over her shoulder as the entrance got closer, twisting around in her seat to keep her eyes on it as they were carried towards the back of the stage. The pink dragoness opposite her squirmed again, and hunched her shoulders, closing her eyes and squeaking as she was carried around into the sticky web.

Gwen eeped and batted her hands above her head as the stringy web broke, reaching around to her back and dragging the white stuff off it, letting the string dangle from her fingers as the cart continued through the dark entrance. The view on the monitors changed again to show a view from above as the girls came into the center of the den area, both of them looking up at the dragon heads above them.

"Okay, girls, here's your first question..." The reptilian and dragoness looked at each other, being spun slowly around as the host's voice came over the speakers around them. "What's the more common name for a lycanthrope?"

Gwen opened her mouth as there was a slurping noise from above them. "Wer- aah!" She squeaked as two columns of translucent green goo splurged down next to her, the heavy slime splattering over her head and shoulders as the turning of the seat carried her underneath the deluge. "Werewolf," she said again above the squelching sound of the falling slime, bringing her hands up as globs of the goo dripped down from them. She wiped her eyes, smiling up at the snout of the dragon prop with gunge still dribbling from its nostrils.

"Absolutely right, that's your first!" A lantern flared into life opposite Gwen as Isla was turned underneath the drizzling remains of the gunge, closing her eyes and hunching as a couple more sputters splotted over her. Both girls twitched as a burst of yellow stuff sprayed down between them. "'Witch's hat' is the name of a species of... what?"

The girls leaned forward to whisper to each other, both twitching a little as a curtain of gunge fell from the ceiling across one side of the cart. Isla ducked her head through it, raising one arm through the curtain of slippery slime and blinking it away from her eyes as her skin glistened underneath it. She nodded at the whisper from Gwen.

"Mushroom!" they called together, and shared a grin as another lantern turned on. Isla ducked as a heavy translucent stream of gunge licked across her, turning off and then on again as Gwen came underneath it. Both girls shook their heads to clear them of the slime as the next question was read out.

"Question three - in the novel Dra..."

Isla tilted her head up towards the sound from the speakers, then shrieked as a wave of beige oatmealy slime spewed across her face, the muck splattering across her chest, tummy and lap before it subsided to drip across the head of the dragoness opposite her. Pursing her lips and spitting the lumpy gunk off them, she twitched and brushed the chunks of it off her lap as she was carried underneath the dripping remains of it on the other side.

"In 'Dracula', where was Count Dracula's castle?", the host repeated the end of the question.

"Uck..." the gunky lizardess started, the chunks of slime slithering around her neck to drip down her chest. "Transylvania", she called, shaking her head.

"Yes! Just two more to go," the host responded. Isla raised her hands above her head, watching the dragoness opposite her squeak as she pushed the few drips that had landed on her off the back of her head, rubbing the lumpy-textured slime between her fingers. She put one hand out beside her as they began to turn more slowly, then screamed as a large plastic spider dropped on to her arm, clasping her hand to her chest and panting with a shocked smile on her face as it plopped into the gunge at the bottom of the cart.

"According to legend, who could sail in eggshells?" As the host asked the question, the cart stopped moving, then shifted backwards a fraction of a turn before staying still. The girls sat opposite each other in silence for a moment.

"Leprechauns?" the dragoness suddenly called up towards the ceiling.

"No, it's wrong!" Gwen grimaced at the call, then squeaked as she was splurged from above by another thick lumpy mixture, the chunky downpour bulging a little as it domed out over her head and shoulders. She tilted her head slightly, making the mixture spew out from one side, the lumps clinging and slithering down her skin as she squirmed underneath it. Opposite her, Isla ducked down as two dark and light downpours of ooze glopped across her, the stuff stretching stickily as it slithered from her head down to her shoulders. She raised her hands to the sides of her head, stretching the sticky substance out and clawing it off her face, then twitched as the rotation started up again in the opposite direction from before, opening her eyes and then closing them again as she was carried under the remains of the sloppy downpour Gwen had been under.

"Snakes feel slimy - true or false?"

"False," Isla answered quickly, raising her legs and looking at her dripping feet as another payload of sticky gunge splattered down into her lap. She squeaked as a cascade of thick orange foam was pumped down from beside her, and bowed her head as she was carried underneath it, then watched as Gwen went under after her, kicking her feet in the slime between them.

"Yes! One more - which has more legs, a millipede or a centipede?"

"It's... aah!" The dragoness squeaked and wriggled aside instinctively as another spray of the lumpy gunge came down right beside her, splurging heavily on to the seat with a wet smacking noise and splatting on to her legs. As the torrent continued, Isla was carried around into it, and she raised her hands in front of her, some of the stuff splattering off her palms but most of it spraying across her lap.

"Millipede!" the gungy dragoness opposite her called, her hands up forming a tent over her eyes as she moved under the dripping remains of all the slime around the cave that had hit them.

"Correct!" the host answered as the dragoness was carried under the chunky slop again, the ooze subsiding over her lap and pouring with a horrible slapping noise into the pool between the two reptilians. "That's the last lantern - you're coming out of there!"

Shaking her head and grinning as the last light around them flared into life, Isla slithered around the seat to put her arm around the dragoness as the cart shuddered again. It stopped turning and moved forwards out of the cave, with the girls blinking as the drizzles of slime from the ceiling fell across them one more time. As they came back up to the front of the set, they breathlessly raised their free hands to acknowledge the applause from the studio audience, Isla pumping her fist in the air with flecks of the chunky slop dripping off it.

The host grinned back at the two gungy reptilians as they wiped at their eyes, giggling as they looked at each other. "You did it! You knew that snakes don't feel slimy, but you look like you do, after that..."

Isla wriggled and looked down at herself, her skin glistening and the remains of the chunky slop across her shoulders trickling down across the curve of her chest. Scooping up a handful of the stuff, she flung it out at the host, who dodged aside.

"Hey, the boss says I've got to keep this clean!" he laughed, pulling at the lapel of his lab coat and watching the slippery dragoness giggle at his attempt to escape. "You got a bit gungy, but you won the game, you answered five questions correctly in just under a minute - let's see what you've won..."


Dragon Den - Gwen and Isla


17 December 2013 at 10:30:51 MST

Another story inspired by Susi! This scene came together in one morning when he and I realized we had both thought about gunge scenarios with giant prop dragon heads... the result is a little ickier than some of my other stories, but nothing that wouldn't be done playfully on a Halloween-themed game show.

Dragon Den was thought up as the final game of a game show called Fright Night, where the winners got the chance to win big in return for daring to brave the gungy den - that, or they could choose to send the losing team instead! This scene happens out of canon, I just needed two lizard ladies to try the game out on :)

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