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Victim Finale? by IrkinGIR

Victim Finale?


1 June 2016 at 22:58:21 MDT

It's finally here, the end (for now anyway) of the Wanted series.

Again, thanks to those following this for the past nine years of bastardizing your childhood favourite cartoon characters. I'm sure you'll ask why I'm ending this, and honestly it is a combination of losing interest and wishing to put focus on other projects. The whole series started as a means for me to tackle obscure characters often overlooked for fan art (or in this case, tickle fanart), which over the years I've bent those rules by going after more popular/familiar choices or even original OCs. But the time required to work on these pages takes a long time, and the gaps between submissions got longer and longer. Hence, I didn't want to keep repeating that until I got sick of the series and quit altogether. Better to have it end still liking it with the pretense of perhaps one day doing more if the urge returns.

But anyway, all that boring stuff aside, let's talk about these character choices for this:

Mei Ling was a character I wished to tackle for awhile, as I both loved her design and voice in the Kung Fu Panda short, Secrets of the Furious Five. Unfortunately that's all she's ever been in.

Thea Stilton was a new addition after catching a few episodes of the Geronimo Stilton cartoon online. Kinda baffled it's not airing on TV, I'd be watching it.

Princess Sally Acorn... you know, years ago I made a comment saying after getting an onslaught of Sonic demands I'd never do another Sonic game character in this series. Notice I said "game" character, not cartoon/comic XP

Renart was again a character I had planned to do for years, his design based on a 2005 animated movie, which...sadly is kinda bad, though I still liked his design.

Squire Flicker and Princess Flame from Blazing Dragons was at one point going to be a full page of their own, but dropped due to me narrowing down characters. However given this being the finale, opted for for extra entries to make the finale more special.

Which finally brings us to Ximon's infamous, though now obscure, Wolves Inc. In the past I've done members Axel and Flow So naturally had to eventually tackle the final wolf, Ubermann. but, of course, being the finale, couldn't let him be alone.

Again, thanks for following and enjoying this series, be this the end entirely, or just the end of another "arc" for our green serial tickler. Don't forget to comment!

PS: For those who like Sally's reboot design, then check out the photographs only submission

Mei Ling © DreamWorks
Thea Stilton © Elizabetta Dami / Scholastic
Sally Acorn © Sega
Renart © Oniria Pictures
Flicker and Flame © Terry Jones / Gavin Scott / Nelvana
Wolves Inc ©


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    These characters are so lucky...

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    Wonderfully silly story with all the thought thrown into these characters. Love it! ^^

    Keep it up! X3