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Marine Creature by IrisDesert

Marine Creature


26 October 2014 at 19:47:29 MDT

This is pretty much the only thing I've managed to spit out this month. I was working on this bab during classes when I had the time. I don't think I'll be making any characters out of these guys, but they'll make for a pretty neat species.

I still lack a name for them :'D

Art and creature design © me

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    This is awesome! The clawed leg-fins are pretty cool, kind of a reminder that this probably evolved from a land dwelling species, or something. I don't really know much about evolution or creatures, to be honest. But what I'm saying is it's a very cool and feasible/realistic-looking critter! It looks almost like it could actually exist somewhere out there.

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      Thank you! That's certainly possible, or they could be slowly evolving the other way around! I'm glad you think so! I always like to give my creatures realistic attributes c:

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        Oooh, yeah, it could be evolving the other way around! Using its fins to scoot up on land to hunt crabs, penguins, tourists....

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    Oh no I want one its so pretty ;-;

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    Ohhh what a cool mouth!

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    Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! <3 I love love love the forms of their face ;w;

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      Ahh I'm so glad ;v;
      Thank you!

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    Fun design!

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    Woah! Very nifty looking!