When I Come Home to You by IridescenceStudios

When I Come Home to You


24 March 2017 at 20:15:02 MDT

The foxes of Cearnach have always expected their kings and queens to lead from the front. This suits Ciara just fine, as she's at her happiest when she's right in the thick of things. Whether it's arguing economic policy, building housing for the city's poorest citizens, or, as happens rather too often for her taste, leading her soldiers on the field, she takes her role as Protector of the City very seriously. This has earned her a great deal of loyalty from her people, many of whom had serious doubts as to whether Connor's bastard was fit to even rule over the kingdom her family had built.

Unfortunately, this means she is often away from home for extended periods of time, and away from her wife and family. She considers herself very fortunate, therefore, that Niamh is always so understanding and supportive of her and that her sweet girl is always the first to meet her with open arms. Even after all these years, the two of them are never happier than when they're together.

Art belongs to kristein

Ciara Lohan and Niamh O'Malley belong to meganbryar


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    I love their tiny glasses and how Ciara's hair is just the slightest bit messy. Hehe. Niamh is so well kept, it really does match their personalities. :)