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Getting Ready


6 March 2017 at 08:56:13 MST

Lauren sometimes wondered if Lucas had any sort of idea the things she would face when she became a Talwyn master. She certainly had never anticipated a war between the Talwyn nation and Ashur. Nor had she expected a bear with abilities apparently Talwyn yet not part of any discipline she knew influencing events from the shadows. She never thought their capital city would fall or the occupation of their nation. Nevertheless these things and more had happened in the few short years since she had assumed the position as his successor.

Under normal circumstances Lauren would have been conducting missions under the direction of the president, as well as training new students in the Talwyn arts. While she still did the former, the war and occupation had seriously curtailed the latter. When she had encountered the resistance during her return to the capital city she met a young girl who had taken shelter with the soldiers still operating to resist Ashurian control. While their initial relationship was less than ideal she soon took the young girl under her wing and began to teach her all she needed to know about being a Talwyn crystal user.

As Lauren worked with the young kitten she began to see in her what Lucas had once seen in a young zebra. The potential to be a master. Lauren knew she was a brave and selfless girl much more mature for her age than most. She had the same ability as Lauren to see beyond the obvious and come up with creative solutions. As such she kept her close during most missions, doing her best to prepare her for what might come their way.

As she dressed in her Talwyn master robes for their latest task, Topaz slipped on her shoes and looked up at Lauren. "So what do we know about our next mission?" she asked. "I'd like to try and prepare for what we might run into."

"The first thing you learn when you become a Talwyn master, is be ready for anything," Lauren said.

Characters are   laurenrivers
Art by   fox_die

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