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Irbis is a moogle. A kupo. A mog. A "one of those thing's from final fantasy with an antenna on their head." He's an Ivalice moogle, if we are precise about it. He's an author and likes weird things, kupo.

I like talking to people. I do not like my time wasted.

  • I like role-playing. I do not like crummy RP partners.
  • I often take months-long breaks from RPs.
  • I like many things; I like nothing.
  • Friend status just gets you access to my rants about being upset with people/places/things/ideas.


If you see my work not on Weasyl, they're not legitimately uploaded! They're all exclusive to Weasyl now.


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on 28 March 2017 at 18:35:00 MDT

So, first I wanna describe my 'first' con a bit.

Thursday I drove up to Dallas, picked up Krest, a fur I know, at the Greyhound station, then drove over and checked into the hotel and got my badge. Went around a bit, saw some sights, got to know the layout of the con.

Friday, my pal Chazori arrived so I got them from the airport and we spent most of Friday running around, chatting with folks, checking out dealer's den, doing cool stuff, meeting people. I met JennerHawk/Cesar for the first time, which was fun, and I gambled a bit to spend some time chatting with other furs. I also got to hang out with a fur named Sakanz, who is a pretty peacock and a neat guy to chat with. I also met Jay and Kal'hona who taught me a little bit about how being a pilot could work well with being a fur.

Saturday was the intense day where I got to meet a lot of folks for the first time, especially Orzel, an awesome Tern/Lizard. He and I and Chazori had a great time. We did go to the Pokepalooza hosted by Rika, an awsome artist and great pom. We also hit up a thing called Muttcon though we didn't drink or stay too long, but I did get to meet DarkDragon, a fur Chazori knows.

Sunday early in the morning I took Chazori to the airport and bid my farewell to the wonderful birb. I spent a lot of Sunday either wandering and taking in the sights, checking out some of the last-day-deals for the dealer's den and playing a few games in the tabletop room, which had a nice, quiet aesthetic that was good for helping me decompress on the last day. I did meet up with Orzel again and hang out a bit, then did some dead-dog dancing and hung out with the guy who had been running the tabletop room.

Monday, I cleaned up my room, took Orzel to his flight home, packed up to head home, and after a nap, took Krest to the greyhound station and drove home to Houston. I got to follow a fellow fur most of the way (I could tell by the stickers on their car) but lost them when I had to gas up (was kinda sad about that, because it was nice having a reminder that yes, furries were still around despite how depleted the world seemed with the con over.)

All in all, it was fucking AMAZING.

I am gonna do these more. For certain I want to do at least 2 a year. TFF and Furry Invasion. Those are in Texas and cheap to get to. Other than those, I'm thinking of going to Anthrocon and Further Confusion, but I am not sure about those ones. I know for sure that FWA is too close to TFF so it's not gonna happen. Furcons are gonna be my main relaxation I think, because while at TFF I felt insanely free and happy. Just a great time.

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