Triforce of Dreaming by Inkshadow

Triforce of Dreaming


17 June 2014 at 17:43:26 MDT

[ copied and pasted from dA because I didn't feel like writing another description- ] =w=

.. I told you I like Link a lot- |D

I honestly couldn't tell you where my time is going, somehow I'm not going out or anything, but I'm also not drawing and so- D:
I'm working on some other stuff, but it's just. So hard. To draw. >:I

In other news, I discovered that there exists an SAI brush which gives me very similar results to my PS brush for chibis! Which means that linearting only took me a fraction of the time it normally would. So yeah, hurrah for new discoveries! :'D

I also decided to try airbrushing a few places with blue and yellow to kind of gradient the colours more. I think it makes them look a heck of a lot more interesting. ;v;

All in all, I'm very happy with this and I'm glad I drew /something/ finally. |D
I wasn't even going to finish this at first because I was like, haha this sketch is hella dorky it's gonna be so dumb- but then I did it anyway and I love it. =w=

Hope you like!

Link © Nintendo
Lyreia, artwork © Inkshadow

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