Through Silver Trees by Inkshadow

Through Silver Trees


13 June 2014 at 12:28:37 MDT

My piece for the latest Free Art Project round over on dA!
It's basically a secret santa exchange that runs year-round. c:

I chose to draw Starling, who belongs to my assigned partner glowb on dA. For some reason, I seem to have a tradition of doing full background pictures for these, so here we are with another one. xD

I really like the black and white look of birch trees, and after playing around with that idea, I figured a snowy landscape would go best with both the trees and the character. It was interesting drawing trees that don't have the typical old, thick bark look that I'm used to drawing. uwu

I'm really proud of what I learned here, specifically what I want to work on next in regards to backgrounds- I think there could be a lot more contrast here, so I need to work with playing around with greyscale concepts more, as well as matching my backgrounds better to the characters- I might try putting lineart into the background next time, I think.

All in all, a fun thing to do! I really like this group and I'm glad I joined in on this round!

Hope you like!

Starling © glowb (dA)
Artwork © Inkshadow

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