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Pythonic Privacy 8 textless + story by Inkanyamba

Pythonic Privacy 8 textless + story


21 February 2015 at 23:30:20 MST

Python's head retreated towards Moka's feet as rabbit's head slumped around, his mind empty and all sensations muffled behind the thick fog of hypnosis the serpent poured into his eyes. As in a dream, he felt a scaly tail emerge from underneath his waist and lazily coil around his thighs and then ankles, squeezing them together tightly and lifting his feet higher. Puzzled, he put his palms at the thick tail binding his legs until he heard a familiar voice enunciating slowly: "Now, come to me". He looked further beyond his legs and saw the python's mouth opening carefully and sliding over his feet.

The feeling of soft moist flesh around his tired feet brought him into reality: the giant snake was now eating him. The tail coiling his feet unwounded and slipped out of the serpent's mouth only to quickly bind his wrists together and bring them closer to his face. The python's mouth progressed further, enveloping his thighs and waist smoothly and effortlessly as the helpless rabbit attempted to haphazardly scramble back, his feet only pushing deeper into the slippery mouth of the serpent and his shoulders pressing against the loop of the snake's body still cradling him.

Wrapped in fear, his legs and waist disappearing into the predator's bottomless mouth, his hands tightly bound together by the scaly coil of his captor's tail, he started surrendering to the panic once again, panting and whimpering as the notion of escape crossed his mind- and was immediately suppressed. There was no place to run for him, no point trying to get out of here, out of the snake's mouth – scared or not, this is where he were to stay, whatever happens. No place else was even an option.

He felt the gullet of the predator collapse around his feet, grasping him deep inside of the soft cavern that was encroaching on his chest. Once the python got hold of his feet in this fashion, he opened his mouth wider and slowly lifted the shaking bunny higher, pressing his thick tongue against his back, allowing him a clear view of his salivating palate, glistening pillows of flesh rising above him, occasional drops falling down, smearing his fur and smoothing his features. Looking downward, Moka froze in fear: this is what was about to consume him, the wet pink walls of the predator's gullet and mouth rising around him and supporting his weight from below, pulling and squeezing his feet deeper inside of the giant snake's body.

As he stated to slowly slide deeper in, pushed gently by the large wet tongue behind him, he squirmed on his soft slippery seat, trying to prevent the downward descent into darkness – the thought of escape was forbidden, but the idea of resistance was instinctual, unwillingness to be eaten still present. He heard the python emit a quiet noise, as if he was saying "ah" before gulping down a morsel, making the entrance to his oesophagus widen, and warm wet air wash over his prey's features, making Moka squirm harder trying to stay in place. He was still not trying to escape the giant snake, but the idea of being inside a predator's mouth, however terrifying, was much more acceptable than the option of slipping deeper in.

Sensing his rabbit's reluctance to slide into his new home, Jajuka seemingly decided to humour the notion of staying in his mouth and with a soft "Omph" he pressed his jaws together, forcing bunny horizontally between the saliva-covered muscles, his head smothered by the giant lips. Feeling his body fully encased inside the giant snake, squeezed gently between the pillowy mounds of the huge mouth made rabbit whimper in fear as his head was poking out of the huge mouth, looking upwards with a terrified gaze. Soft chuckling emanated from all around Moka's body, the snake amused both by his helpless whimpering and his comical position.

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