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Infinity+Akira Battle by InfinityForever

Infinity+Akira Battle


This is a commissioned piece done by the great comic artist Shono.

In this piece is two of my main characters Infinity and Akira in hero and villian garbs respectively fighting it out in a battle. One of Infinity's many powers include a technomorphic ability which she often uses to change her forearm and hand into either a cannon or sword (usually one each) as can be seen above. However Akira's main ability is control over elements, and wear gauntlets to try and amplify said ability as naturally he is no match for Infinity for reasons I will not disclose here as it would be a massive story spoiler.

Another of Infinity's abilities is a control over matter and anti-matter but rarely uses it. The ball of energy she is charging in her cannon is a concentrated black-hole, something she uses to temporarily get rid of Akira. Due to the nature of them both they can survive in a state of anti-matter as if it was another dimension, I'd explain more on that but that would also be a story spoiler. So, if you want to know more read some of my story.

Marked "Moderate (13+)" for fight scene here, just to be safe.

Artist posting of image: COMMISSION Infinity forever

Characters © InfinityForever InfinityForever
Art © Shono

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