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Magic and Muscle by InfiniteSilence

Magic and Muscle


The dynamics of an adventuring party! You may call them cliche or you may call them classic, but they remain nonetheless. Every sorceress needs her knight in shining armor, or perhaps her barbarian in earned skins.

Behold the barbarian! Mighty of thew and imposing of frame! At over seven feet tall he looms mightily over all creatures of lesser physical might, his mind burdened with naught but loyalty. Duty to stand between his sorceress and the forces of darkness, duty to hold off the skeletons with a smile on his face while she prepares her finest spells.

The sorceress for her part finds her mind far more occupied, a thousand spells and duties passing through her finely honed thoughts, training dedicated to mastering the art of thought over simple swordfighting, but with enough always saved to look on in gratitude... and love.

Ig... uh... ignore the dragon. There was kinda gonna be a segue about monsters who use convention to their advantage and... well I guess it's not important what it was going to do. She punched it and it died.

Art from Commoddity
Idea and Jay from Jay
Story and Amy from me

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