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Sliv'oth, of the Infinite Night Sky by Infinite

Sliv'oth, of the Infinite Night Sky


17 August 2021 at 09:07:44 MDT

I've enjoyed tyranids for a long time and have been wanting to do more fan art of them. If you'd like to be Nydified in a commission, I'd enjoy giving it a go! Doing it for my dragon, Sliv'oth, was lots of fun.

Sliv'oth, also known as Infinite, has made the jump to Warhammer 40k in the form of a hive fleet with a hive tyrant avatar to represent himself. His transforming of planets is fast if unresistant, and slow in densely populated areas. Though his fleet keeps to the outskirts of Empirial space. The mutation of indigenous flora, fauna, and sentient life are internal and imperceptible to the naked eye. The creature is all tyrinid on the inside before anything shows externally.

Planets can be fully terraformed with out visible Tyrinid presence as they hide beneath the ground, before rising up with visible presence to mingle with the converted populace. At this point, external mutation may also begin to show in creatures and the general populace to reflect their roles and personal identities.

Every home gets their own gaunt or ravager pet, if they don't already poses a converted creature of the planet. While the unique nature of each individual is preserved, and an imprint of them saved in the hive fleet, they are subject to the hive mind mentality.

This promotes unity and clarity of purpose, and a sensitivity to those that project the hive's synapse in the area. Each creature is stored in the Hive, while their replaceable avatar goes about life planet side.

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