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Trade: DaisyDook by IndigoTheFennec (critique requested)

Trade: DaisyDook (critique requested)


18 May 2014 at 21:56:43 MDT

Long overdue trade with Daisy Dook, done on Colors! 3D on my 2DS.

Dat nude burr tho.

Daisy (c) DaisyDook
Art (c) IndigoTheFennec

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    Ahh! Sorry it took me so long to respond to this! I love it ;A; <3 So cute and I love how you drew her hair down! Not many do! uvu my half will be up shortly!

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      Mulas mercés! I'm so glad you like it! ^.^ The more I look at it the more I find things wrong with it, hehe... And well truthfully, I couldn't draw her hair the way it is in a ponytail (bun? I dunno what to call it). ^^;

      I don't mind being patient a little longer!

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    Okay! You have a full body image and you've got a good handle on body proportions. Looks like you left a lot of "sketchy" lines in the hands, feet, and breasts - there are a lot of ways to reduce this and smooth things out.
    The colors on the figure are a bit flat, but there is nothing innately wrong with that.
    The green outline of the figure with the red background is clearly a use of complimentary colors to help draw attention to figure - while this is a good technique, the choice of colors and saturation is not ideal. More muted colors, use of cross complimentary colors (those colors to either side of the complimentary color on the color wheel), or a combination of the two probably would have had the same or similiar effect without being quite as "Christmasy" or hard on the eyes.
    This makes a nice badge or character reference.