Femas Christmas Surprise by INCtastic

Femas Christmas Surprise


30 December 2016 at 06:22:26 MST

It was Christmas evening. Everything was prepared and ready, you come home, finding your seducivly clothed dragon friend being prepared for a night of romantic heated fun. She blows you a kiss, her eyes capturing you as you see the little hearts of affection inside them.

Yep... another artwork... by me... =w= UFFFS... I started drawing this on Christmas and just finished it. The shading and background took so much time. But I'm PLEASED WITH THE RESULT.
Yes it looks sexy, seducive and just like I want my Fema <3 So beautiful - I also started giving her these nice hair spikes which I really find amazing on her <3 NGH...
Anyway I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do, even though it's too late for Christmas... sorry =w="
And yes, the mistletoe - you can guess what she would like to get |D

A special thanks goes out to MNXenX001 for allowing me to use one of his pictures as base for this (he's an awesome guy) and BattleFranky for providing me with much needed help for shading! x3 Thank you two alot!

Femacendramon & Art © by INCtastic

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    snugs a fema after a long time

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      She enjoys and appreciates it :3