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INCtastic - Eye Catcher


23 December 2016 at 16:48:10 MST

is looking left and right in a completely empty hall I DREW A THING!

Well may you look at that filth right there

Welp I wanted to try again and artz and change my art style, because:
1) I am not happy with the way I draw
2) I know shitnob about correct shading
3) I want something between cute and cool maybe
5) I like the shading of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Eye catchers alot and wanted to do that and failed horribly

Welp there is nothing much to say, INCtastic, me, Incendramon in casual clothing more or less with a giant drawing tool… Took me like 12 hours or something I didn’t count, making the lines took FOREVER. And the shading started off horribly but at some point it just kept looking better as I was adding more shadows and I don’t even know if I did them correctly at all. Naughty Incy slaps own hand
I am KINDA satisfied with the result though… even if it really takes a lot of me to say that =w=
But I also kinda think I’m on the right direction… the shading could use more work but then again, the hell do I know about shading a snout face.
I think I will keep this style of shading and maybe polish it a little… I guess one picture a year is enough to get better, right? Right? I know it’s not

So anyway, here is Incendramon with a color palette, a gigantic stylus, a nice eye catcher bling from Gurren Lagann and my watermark which I don’t even find half bad for being made in an instant.

Art & Incendramon Cidraki © by inctastic

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