Giftart - Nami-e by INCtastic

Giftart - Nami-e


22 February 2013 at 09:50:36 MST

Okay so here is my next picutre (which took quite a time xwx)

But lastly I'm finished with it and... quite proud of it >w>

I need to stop beeing proud of my art lol xD Every great artist only complains about their art lol xD

No but back to main topic

This is a little giftart for the lovely :iconNamie: who has quite a hard time at the moment and fighting cancer. I'm sure she will win the fight and to give her some support I drew her her fursona Usagina beeing completely suprised by Incendramon who gave her a little gift, a rose. Due to this surprise she blushs - well yeah that's the (rather small) story behind the pic >w<

I hope she likes it ;w;

Also it's my first time I used the water tool and I saw quite that it is rather hard to handle but makes lots of fun if you ask me °w°

But I really have to say... usagina is quite an amazing character in terms of design... I dunno but not only that but Namies art is for me... quite amazing in terms of beauty! Kinda like... catching the beauty of nature inside art or so :3

So yeah so much to that and... I designed... a rather... custom outfit for her >w< sorry for that was just meant to be some freetime clothing because I don't want to draw naked chibis ^w^° (also it would Incendramon catch him off guard lol xD

Buuuuuut I'm talking too much again

Just enjoy the pic and some cute chibis again :3

Usagina (c) by :Namie

Art & Incendramon (c) by INCtastic

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    Thank you <3

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      You're very welcome Namie X3