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Facts about me:

• I'm German, so my english might be bad at some points

• I'm a huge Digimon fan and my main character is my Digisona Incendramon Cidraki

• I'm a hobby artist and hobby gamer

• My favourite games are TES IV - Oblivion, generelly all TES-games, World of Warcraft, Minecraft also Stronghold Series

• I love to create, draw, write and build - That's why I use the Elder Scrolls Construction Sets when I'm bored, draw what smiles at me or think about doing videos but ending up doing nothing. I also love to write, but that happens more rarely

• I like to chat sometimes so don't be shy and ask me about IM's :3

• Mated to my ♥♥♥ Pikuna ♥♥♥


• I love very much music, but my favourites are Metal, Rock, Jumpstyle, Electro, Dubstep, Industrial, J-Rock/Pop, Orchestral, Choirs

Other sites were I am




The rest is in "Contact and Social Media"


Commission Information: Under construction


My favourite Artists are...

mnxenx001, fenrixion, kami-chan, sssonic2, namie, dragoon86, danielssj ,onta, kurtassclear, kame_3


Latest Journal

[SURPRISE] And suddenly this place is much livlier!

on 15 October 2014 at 22:05:55 MDT

well since FA is DDOSed (and Sofurry and Inkbunny seem to have the same problem) the only place to stay is mostly here...
Even through I find it cool that here is some more activity I find it sad that the other pages had to be shut down to get this...
Weasyl is always here, you know? Not just when everything else is DDOSed =w=
I love this site very much and find the system extremely cool, it's just sad that it lacks activity ;w;

And I would upload stuff if there would be something to upload from myself =w= propably...
but since there are mostly only commissions =w= they don't come out of my drawing hand so I can't put them in my gallery

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A) Chibi

A) Sketch
$ 2.50
B) Lineart
$ 5.00
C) Flat Color
$ 7.50

B) Shots & Icons

A) Icon (Flat Color)
$ 5.00
B) Couple Icon (Flat Color)
$ 7.50
C) Headshot (Lineart / Flat Color)
$ 5.00
D) Bustshot (Lineart / Flatcolor)
$ 7.50

C) Specials

add  Additional Character
$ 2.50
add  Complex Design, Wings, Additional Body Parts, Etc...
$ 2.50

D) Background

add  Simple Background
$ 2.50

E) Other Things

A) Design a Weapon (Always Flatcolor)
$ 2.50
B) Custom Keyblade (Always Flatcolor)
$ 5.00
C) Design a Armor (Always Flat Color)
$ 7.50


1. You pay the money to me first

2. I draw it and I will send you the sketch to check if it's right

3. I finish the picture when you give your "OK"

What I draw

Anything general, females, males, cuddling, action, armory, weapons, Simple Mechas

What I NOT draw

Complicated Mechas, Adult scenes, Gay stuff, fetishes


Weapon: I design everything expect guns, rifles, blasters and crossbows

Keyblade: Get your custom keyblade made after your description

Armor: Get a custom armor, not too complex please


Joined 15 February 2013

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    Your welcome ~ and I do hope you'll have more in your gallery as well :D

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      I try to get more, most pictures are colored by my girlfriend Pikuna and in her gallery and my mention folder :3 but I draw myself... not very good but well I do

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    Are you or ya wife (Pikuna) gonna stream sooner or later?

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      Piku streams from time to time (usually gaming at the moment because work takes much from her in terms of creativity) and if I stream, I don't know honstly =w= maybe, maybe not... I have to look

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    Oi, Inc! Somethin' wrong with FA.

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      yeah it seems to be a DDOS-attack D:

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        Wait. What's DDOS?

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          it's a hacker attack, I believe it were some scripts to overload the FA system server with incoming data or something, nothing to be easily solved sadly D: