Buck! by IncomingSavalanche



19 April 2019 at 21:36:48 MDT

Old artwork of a gay ass deer for LordDominic LordDominic !!

Haha gay

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    There he is. The BIGGEST Gay.

    I like how this one came out, and the unique take on his design. It's a bit more "feral" than I draw him, which I like. You always seem to take the time to make a character work in your style, rather than just copying a reference image.
    This one actually gave me some ideas on how to better handle "hoof-hands" for characters I envision having such appendages.

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      Only bested by me, obviously. [swishes hair]

      Thanks man!! I'm actually kinda bad at drawing in other styles that aren't my own, so I kinda gotta get a character to work the best I can given I probably won't be able to replicate them well from their reference anyway lmaoo

      I wanna draw more hooves, I've been considering making making a Deer!Sav because I've been on a deer kick lately (I keep developing random aesthetics, like I'm on deer, honey, and eggs right now)

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        Oh, do it up! Deer characters are fun.

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          Yeah I agree!! I kinda wanna get a pair of deer ears + fake antlers and a tail, but the only cheap stuff is Halloween costume shit, and it usually looks pretty fuckin' ugly lmao

          maybe once I get some money I can browse Etsy or some shit, I don't wanna pay a ton of money because I'm not looking for anything top-tier, but I want it to look better than Dollar Store props, y'know?

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            Oh shit, back in the day when Skunk Boy wasn't a hybrid and was just a cringey furry cosplay person, he also had a deer set! In fact that's where the whole "hunter orange undies with bulls-eye on the ass" thing actually started. But that's some old cringey art that's probably lost to time, might still be on my DA page somewhere IDK.

            I was about to suggest you just get some real antlers since even if you're against hunting, deer still just shed them naturally anyways. They might weigh a bit much and be a bit large to wear as costume accessories, though, and you'd have to figure out a way to secure them to your head... not saying gluing them directly to your head wouldn't work, but it might not be the best approach. Not really sure what else to suggest there.

            As for ears and tails, pretty sure that's crazy easy to come by in the furry community, it's just an issue of having the money for it. Survival comes first and if you're anything like me, you have over 9000 other, better things to use that money on than some animal cosplay stuff.

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              I would go sleuthing, but I'm feelin' particularly lazy this evening lmao maybe some other time if I can remember to grab my magnifying glass and stupid hat

              I'll probably end up saving money and getting a nice pair of fake antlers that are like attached to a headband and also have ears attached too, not that I would be opposed to wearing antlers that were shed because that'd probably be really fuckin' cool. Just a bit heavy lmao, that could work for like, a fursuit or something though. You could mold/glue/whatever them into the head mold and put the fur around them or some shit. I wonder if anyone has done that before?

              You underestimate my impulsive tendencies lmao could also find someone who does the whole shebang and ask my friends to team up together to chip in to get it for me as a birthday or Christmas gift for me
              This almost works, there was some sets of eeveelution tails+ears on Etsy I really wanted so I picked two and asked my friends to team up and go dutch on the two. One pair did it (only because one of the partners was my best friend and she knew I really liked this stuff so she made sure it happened) and the other pair pussied out for no reason even though they told this friend they were going to/were planning on doing it. It wouldn't have been that expensive if they both just paid for half of it, and I literally didn't expect them to get me anything else, so I don't personally think I was asking for much?? These specific two kinda do this a lot though, so I can't say I'm surprised.

              It's worth noting that in my friend group, for birthdays and holidays we all ask each other what we want and give each other specific items that we would like, or supply an amazon/etsy wishlist. I usually spend anywhere from $20 to $50 max, per person. I usually only hit closer to the $50 if I REALLY like them though lmao