Skunk Boy! by IncomingSavalanche

Skunk Boy!


31 March 2019 at 11:33:41 MDT

Old drawing that was an art trade half for LordDominic LordDominic !!

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    I know this one is old but I still love it! I'm still amused by how baffled he seems by the skunk hands, he has boring normie human hands and I've never actually drawn him with gloves or mittens that resemble skunk paws but this sorta makes me want to. Although, his expression here almost looks like he's questioning, "is this too far to take the skunk outfit?"
    And I think that's what makes it so cute.

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      I'm glad you do! It's definitely one of my favorites out of the pieces I've made for you, despite all the newest ones where I changed the way I shaded the hair so it looks a lot nicer/more like actual hair.
      That wasn't even intentional on my part, I don't think? I can't remember, either way, I'd say that's a win in my book that it all works out so well lmao
      I'd say go for it! It might be cute to give him little skunk gloves and slipper shoes or whatever lmao, make him a full blown skunk cosplayer except the tail is real
      I'm glad you think so!! :>