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Imperium Lupi - Prince Noss (steps) by Imperiumlupi

Imperium Lupi - Prince Noss (steps)


16 May 2018 at 12:59:52 MDT

Noss, of 'Imperium Lupi'. A prince among hyenas, Noss is easily one of my favourite characters from the book.

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1st pass: These are the first clean lines, when he's really taking shape.

Refined: Mistakes ironed out. It's always a toss up between realistic drapery and showing some form. Abs would not be visible beneath a loose cloak, but I didn't want him being just a pile of crumpled material.

Tone: I add shadow first without colour, so that the colours do not distract me. My eyes are terrible and every little helps, especially with such a high contrast costume.

Colour: I then turn off tone and add colour, so I can see how the colours work on their own.

Final: Last additions, such as reflections, dust and extra equipment.