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Continued support and move update

on 21 April 2018 at 11:17:24 MDT

We have found a place to move to now! One less thing to stress over and now we can really move forward and put our belongings somewhere other than storage while we couch surfed with friends and family.
I can not express how amazing people are. My wife is always a little nervous about internet communities but she is again seeing how amazing the communities I am involved in really are. If it wasn't for the kind words and occasional donations she would have asked me to abandon this stuff a while ago. You all make it possible to keep me doing arts of varied fun. We are a little over $300 towards a goal of $3k needed by the 15th of next month. Help up reach this goal to make our move smoother and fast while getting me back to arts faster as well. Every spare dollar helps. Thank you all in advance for your support and continuing well wishes in this time of dramatic change. It is helping us in ways few could fully understand.

I have been advised by multiple people to get a go fund me page started to help ease the stress of the sudden move my wife and I have to do. This funding will help speed up my return to drawing all kinds of fun things for people here and in other places. This is strictly a 'help me move' funding and any left over change will help by anything we may need to make our new home (wherever it may end up) livable as soon as possible. Internet hook up and the like. Mostly it is going to be for a moving company and will likely be eaten up entirely by them at the end of the day. Still. It would greatly assist us in relieving stress, personal injuries (if we are doing all the heavy lifting) and time. I can not express how stressed I am right now to deal with all this in such a short time as it is, so any donations will be unbelievably received with joy and considerable relief.

If you can spare a bit here is the page. (… )

Or here. ( Buy Me a Coffee at )

Or if you feel more comfortable with donations via PayPal I understand too and can give you my Paypal info if you send me a note.

Than you all so much already. Just the outpouring of kind words and wishful thoughts has been overwhelming as always. I am truly lucky to have so many wonderful people backing us up and it never ceases to amaze me the generosity and willingness to help a fellow human being that comes from the communities we all share here and in other sites. You all are amazing. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    Thanks for the fav c:

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      My pleasure. You do great work. Keep it up. :D

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    Eyy, nice to see a fellow Washingtonian here! Love your work! :D

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      Howdy. :) Yup. It's good to have local company hanging around too. :P Wicked glad you dig my stuff.

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    I love the stuff you're putting up here! Keep up the good work :)

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      Thanks. :D I will be doing lots more soon. Might move some of my stuff from Deviantart here soon as well.

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    Yay! I love that pic!