What can I Choose? by Illusion Panther (critique requested)

What can I Choose? (critique requested)

Illusion Panther

10 July 2014 at 04:57:08 MDT

Sometimes when you plays Pokèmon, you will find youself uncertain about what Pokeball use for some Pokèmon...

This is a little Quick-Trade with   valery91thunder , something made in few hours :3

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    i see youre askin for crits so ill try to help

    the shading is pretty ok and i see you have a pretty consistent light source but youve shaded w black it looks like
    when shading know that shadows are not black but rather can be different colors

    if you take a look at some things in real life youll notice that the shadows are not black but that they have color to them

    take a look at this site: http://colormatters.com/
    it has a ton of information on color

    the other thing in this drawing is that the anatomy is a bit off and the lines are unsteady
    the best advice i can give is two things: study from life as much as possible and practice your strokes

    try doing some contour drawings/lines or simply practice your strokes by drawing some straight lines
    heres a good guide on strokes to practice: http://www.learn2paintsigns.com/free_art_lesson_on_hand_lettering/basic-single-strokes-lrg.jpg