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Didn’t Get the Job by ilbv

Didn’t Get the Job


When I was struggling to pay rent and bills and still be able to eat, I had applied for a second part time job at several places, and unfortunately as the bills piled up, the interviews became less and less and the jobs were being given to people better suited for them.
It was a dark time, I was trying so hard and with every rejection I felt like it wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough, or because I had done something wrong or that the person interviewing me just didn’t like me. I was getting desperate, and I felt really small and really alone.

Thankfully, I did manage to pick up some more shifts at my first job and get a raise. That was of course after I had drawn this piece of vent art.


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    At least you kept your head held as best you could and had gotten through it. That's some strength right there