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Naga Snagged Ya by ilbv

Naga Snagged Ya


Snagged, Dragged, soon to be devoured! Jett has many forms, and I still aim to get some vore art of be being swallowed by each of them.

Art & ilbv © ilbv
Jett © Jett

Drawn on January 9, 2015

Story time!

During the first/second week of 2015, I did the most intimidating thing I have ever done. I rode a bus down to Philadelphia and went to meet and stay with a dude I met over the internet because of my Vore interest. Jett is and always will be one of my first and dearest friends in this fandom. He is the 3rd guy I met online and the very 1st guy I ever met in real life after 6 years of friendship and tons of vore rps and drawings. It was also the very first time I showed someone from this community my real life self. I was all kinds of nervous.

I stayed in his family home, met his mother, stepfather, briefly one of his sisters, and all the cats.
We mostly hung out, went around his neighborhood and town, explored a museum or two, went out to a restaurant, watched a lot of movies, and we drew arts. Of course Jett suited up in his fursuit and I got to meet a real life physical form of the Wolf that ate me all the time, and that was absolutely intimidating as hell.

Over the course of my stay, Jett and I collectively composed about 20 Doodles and Sketches, and now after 4 years since our first meeting, they are finally being posted online for all to enjoy.

I stayed for three nights and left with some neat memories and a huge sense of accomplishment for getting over my fear of meeting people in the fandom. I can now proudly say that I have been able to meet several of my close and dear friends in real life from this fandom, and I even managed to go to my first Convention (MFF 2016).

Jett helped me trail blaze a part of life I never expected to exist a decade ago, and I'll always be grateful for his support and encouragement and incredible friendship.